Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Questionable "Shoe wear"

Ah Wisconsin. You are full of new things for me.

As I am settling into my apartment I am definitely being thrown some interesting curve balls. I have learned that beer is in everything in Madison. I knew that Wisconsin was known for beer and cheese  ( remember? The cheese is what really secured my decision into moving ha-ha). 

Here are a few snapshots of what I have encountered living in a new state/big city.

* There are a ton of little local shops! I love it! I haven't seen many big box stores. Yes they are here but comparable in numbers to the small shops!

* People really love beer. It is everywhere and in everything. Holy moly.

* Cheese can be found in big box stores that are from local farmers.... score!

* Parking is horrendous, traffic on the other hand not so bad.

* There are dog parks everywhere!

* Bicycles... also everywhere. You can also rent a bicycle...!

*There are farmers markets (yes even in the winter), Co-Ops, and many health foods stores. My crunchy side is blooming happily here!

* Wisconsinites apparently don't like crocs. I was talking to a few people and mentioned crocs ( nope I was not wearing a pair), and man laughed at me. Am I really that behind in "fashion"?

On the bright side, I am getting settled in and trying to join a few activities. Sebastian joined the Knights on Columbus at our new parish, and I am so excited because they just started up so he is going to be one of the first members! 

We both have also signed up for this AMAZING gym. Seriously it is the bomb. Look at it...


It is starting to get pretty cold up here in the north, but I am enjoying my new cheese loving state :-).

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