Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why I NFP: Part 3

The Sinners Guide to Natural Family Planning

As we began our journey of NFP Sebastian and I had a lot to consider. "Do we even need to learn NFP" was our biggest question. We knew that once we are married we wanted to be open to life and knew that God truly held the wheel on that one! After prayer and discernment we decided it would be beneficial for us as a engaged couple to learn NFP to get to know our bodies more. 

The journey has not been easy, Mostly frustrating, confusing and sometimes " gross" to talk about. That is what we wanted to move past. Our bodies our not gross but rather a beautiful creation of God. That is what my instructor Sarah truly wanted us to understand. Each part and stage of our cycle was designed specifically for a reason! God is so good!

In addition to learning the ins and outs of NFP, Sebastian and I also purchased this book " The Sinners Guide to Natural Family Planning" by Simcha Fisher, which has been highly talked about in a few of my online Catholic communities.

Man. It is awesome. We are only about half way through it, as we only read a few chapters every weekend after Mass, but let me tell you, BOTH of us could read it in one sitting because it is funny, educational and REAL.

I don't know the ins and outs of married life. I don't know what it is like to struggle with infertility, or to be worn out by little ones, but I will say Simcha hits the head on the nail when it comes to the frustration part of NFP. As mentioned I am new to this, but this really lays it out and lets us know that it is OK to be frustrated, it is OK to have moments of despair, because we ARE sinners and we are NOT perfect, and as mentioned before we don't know the plan for our life. God knows best.

As mentioned we are only about half way through the book, but I can assure you that it will be a double thumbs up. It has us laughing, crying and truly thinking about certain aspects of our relationship and our future. I encourage you to check it out! You can buy it at most Catholic bookstores and on Amazon; here.

ALSO, if you have questions about NFP or are thinking about learning it I encourage you to contact my instructor Sarah Tramonte. She is a beautiful, devout Catholic woman who knows what she is teaching. Her prices and more than reasonable and the material she provides you with is never ending and purposeful! To contact Sarah, head over to her Facebook page; Sarah Tramonte

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