Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I Veil; Part 7

I introduce to you ladies another lovely lady who wants to share her story of why she veils/covers. Her name is Liz and she is from Brazil., and must compliment her on her writing as English is NOT her first language! I loved reading her story and I hope that you do too!

Hi, my name is Liz and I'm 30 years old. I'm brazillian and I live in Brazil. I was born Catholic, but only woke up for church life after the age of 11, when I started the parish catechesis for the First Holy Communion. When I was 15, I felt in love with the Disclosed Carmelite Monastery. I wanted to be a nun. For seven years I made retreats at the Monastery's inn, where the girls in discernment could sleep for a few days and follow the Nuns' prayers in the Chapel.

Every time I went to the Chapel to pray, I wanted to see the nuns inside the Chapel cloister. I always looked at them and thought how beautiful they were:the prayers, their faces, their simple and profound smile... and how beautiful, more beautiful they were in their habits. Specially their headcovering. All of them, dressing exactly as Our Lady of Carmel.

Well, the years passed and God showed me that my vocation was to marry and raise a family. But my admiration for headcoverings was always there. I started searching the internet for headcoverings, and while I saw those beautiful photos of hijabs and tichels, I also researched for texts and doctrine of the Church about headcovering for catholic women.

Well, I read lots of things. I watched youtube videos. And I started giving up using pants and dressing only skirts. Then I found Wrapunzel, toward the end of the year 2013. I watched Andrea and Rivka doing those wraps, and being so feminine and beautiful. I looked at the mirror and always looked at a sick person, someone I thought that wasn't that beautiful. Well,,, I wanted to feel more beautiful. And I realized that women headcovered were so much more  modest, feminine, beautiful, spiritually gorgeous. I wanted that. And I saw that not only in 1 Corinthians 11:6, but the Church Fathers and the Catholic tradition recommend married women to cover their hair. I felt I had a commandment to follow.
I started trying to cover first at home, and I'm still in transition. I cover with a mantilla at Mass, and I try always to cover when I go buy groceries, or going to the doctor, etc. Sometimes, due to the heat (where I live the heat during Spring and Summer is unbearable) I don't cover (yet).

 How did family and friends react when you first started covering? Husband/bf?My husband supported me, giving me suggestions when I was wrapping, and also giving me some advice about covering at Mass (because of him I started to use a mantilla during Mass instead of a tichel). My husband's relatives are really supportive. They don't matter. My mother-in-law also gave me some scarves as gifts. She's a dressmaker. My relatives haven't seen me covered yet. I live in a distant city and I didn't get a chance to visit them after I started covering. I would like to point out that men are more respectful to women that cover their hair. 

Any recommendation for women who are thinking about covering full time.While I was thinking about covering my hair, I made a lot of research. I read about all kinds of reasons women around the world, of distinct creeds, of distinct cultures. But, as a Roman Catholic, I started to find out Catholic reasons to cover. And I still find so many catholic reasons to cover: having Mary as a role model, councils of the Church Fathers, words of Mary and Jesus during private apparitions, instructions of the Catechism to Holy Mass, etc. 

I think this is really important: to cover for the right reasons. It has to be coherent to your faith. Other thing that is important, is to have your husband's support. It makes all difference, because when he supports you, he'll defend you against people who want to criticize your way of dressing. I think the last thing, but not less important is to keep in mind that modesty is not only about dressing in a particular way. It is about a way of life. In my case, a way of life to be more like the Virgin Mary. It is a great struggle, specially when you grow up in a lack of modesty of dressing, acting and speaking (like I grew up). But what in our lives are not a struggle towards holiness? May God help us to be light and salt to the world.

Thank you Liz SO much for sharing not only your story but also your pictures! You are a beautiful and strong sister in Christ! Be assured of my prayers for you!

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