Thursday, February 19, 2015


I specifically remember a Facebook status sometime ago stating that " If you still celebrate your monthly anniversary, you aren't ready to get married."

Now, I know that the meaning behind this quote refers to the fact that young people often don''t stay in a relationship for a long time but rather a few months that is why they celebrate their " monthly" anniversary. This is often geared toward high-schoolers who are " notorious" for short relationships.

Well, I have a confession. Sebastian and I celebrate our anniversary every month, and I encourage, in fact I DARE you to do the same. 

Lets step back for a moment. What is a anniversary? Usually it is a remembrance of a certain date. In the beginning many of us ( especially those who have started the relationship in our younger years) celebrate "monthly" anniversaries of a relationship. Some may do this with big fireworks and other may simply just think about that date when the relationship became " official". 

As Sebastian and I progressed in our relationship we kept the 18th of every month for " us". Often couples put a lot of emphasis in the honeymoon stages of their relationship and then slowly the "fire" dies out. I can sincerely atest that in the beginning we did do "bigger "things for our monthly anniversary.  However, there came a time after our one year of being together that we talked about not celebrating our anniversary on a month-to-month basis but rather saving it for it once a year occasion. After a little bit of thought I said "NO". I want to celebrate our anniversary every single month.

I don't think this was selfish of me but it was me fighting for our relationship.Our roles as student, employees daughter, and son, our attention pulls us each and every which way, but I know that at least once a month around the 18th we make a date for ourselves. I know that when I wake up that morning his thoughts will be on me and those early beginnings in our relationship and how happy we are to be together.  I don't expect a present, I don't expect flowers candy or chocolate but what we do expect from each other is respect and often a card.

Yes, a card. Cards have always been our thing I love giving them and enjoy receiving them it is a written promise of our feelings towards each other.  Let me tell you this has changed our relationship and I can only hope and pray that we continue these monthly anniversaries until the day that we die.

No we don't have any children yet but I'm hoping that yes, in the future because of our monthly anniversaries have been so ingrained that we will at least have a date night once a month because of it. No, I am not one to tell you what to do in your relationship or your marriage but I will ask you this; isn't your relationship worth a monthly remembrance?

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